Ever Wondered How You Too Could Fend Off FLEAS ?

Pet owners say the pesky insects have started popping up — like crazy.

We had to pay a visit to a local vet to find out what’s causing it – and the best ways to get rid of Fleas.

Heat And Humidity.

Two factors speeding up the reproductive cycle for fleas.

Rose! sweaky toy that’s the last thing Chrissy Hammond wants to hear.

Obviously, dog owners last year around this time  had a flea infestation despite their pets were even wearing a flea collar at the time.

Fleas are such a tricky pest to get rid of, just to even get them out of your house it’s a nightmare and a half.

They get in floor cracks in furniture, everything ashley opyt, dvmso this is the main oral medication we use that actually kills adult fleas ashley opyt, a veterinarian at MOST animal hospital or pet shop near you.

when my other colleague  called me to see if i had witnessed any flea bites on humans, i was writing an email to a client talking to her about fleas and how it’s been such a bad flea year . The good news — Fleas are easy to treat, and you’ve got choices.

Use Something You’re Going To Use Consistently And Ideally That You Can Use Year- round

Amanda who lives next door to my house uses a topical treatment — on 4- year-old pet Eva — after she spots a flea. Eva is a gorgeous fluffy Irish cat who has had bad luck with flea bites in cats. Luckly natural flea killer options are always at hand to keep flea control manageable.

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On the other hand, Moira’s 7 year old dog Owneri haven’t seen any problems except for sand fleas bites. Moira had been quick at thinking ahead of time when she bought her sand flea rake to prevent the infestation rather than deal with flea treatment and the dog loves outdoors. She’s outside all the time , water or bathing which can cause some topical medications to wear off over time.

Some Pet shops  says oral tablets have a longer effect and á prescription medication from the vet is the strongest defense.

Right now she’s actually on two types of medication for the fleas because this dog owner never wants to deal with the pesky parasites.



Be careful if you plan to head OUTDOOR with your pets.

female sand flea bites

hi guys it's matt from companion animal vet hospital here today I'm going to show you how you can treat and prevent fleas on your dog previously we talked about the life cycle of fleas, today we're going to show you how you can break that life cycle by killing the adult fleas in your dog if you find fleas on your dog then you need to give them a flea treatment such as nexgard or bravecto.

So I recommend nexguard in puppies because as they grow you can buy an individual dose and get the right weight range for your dog.

From 6 months of age then I recommend using bravecto which lasts for three months.

3 months of treatment is generally enough time for all the pupae out in the environment to hatch jump onto the animal and be killed To prevent the fleas from coming back again it's really important that you continue to treat with nexgard monthly or bravecto every 3 months.

If you have any questions about treating and preventing fleas in your dog then leave them in the comments below and stay tuned because in our next video we'll show you how you can eliminate fleas from your home.