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Hi guys it’s Eddie here! From Companion Animal Care for Flea Bite Treatment  here today in this article I’m going to share with  you how you can treat and prevent fleas on your dog, previously we talked about the life cycle of fleas, today we’re going to show you how you can break that life cycle by applying natural flea control methods, to kill fleas and the adult fleas in your dog if you find them on your dog.

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Flea bites are unpleasant visitor to our homes, so when you see sand flies or sand fleas on your cat or dog, you need to give them a flea treatment such as nexgard or bravecto.

So I recommend nexguard in puppies because as they grow you can buy an individual dose and get the right weight range for your dog.

From 6 months of age then I recommend using bravecto which lasts for three months.

Some pet owner prefer organic flea control,if that’s the case with you, then 3 months of natural flea treatment is generally enough time for all the pupae out in the environment to hatch jump onto the animal and be killed To prevent the fleas from coming back again it’s really important that you continue to treat with nexgard monthly or bravecto every 3 months.

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If you have any questions about treating and preventing fleas in your dog then leave them in the comments below and stay tuned because in our next post we’ll show you how you can eliminate fleas from your home.

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How do you treat a flea bite? Most flea biteswill go away on their own without any problem.

It's not usually something that has to benecessarily worried about, but there are things you can do to help them go away or if theflea bite is particularly bad there are things you can help - use to treat that.

There arethings as simple as like hydrocortisone salves, that's just like any other kind of hydrocortisonesalve that you would use on yourself that's going to help soothe the itching and the burningof the bite.

You can use - there's various homeopathic remedies you can use on the animalthat you can buy - that use natural methods to soothe the burning and the pain.

This isalso a hydrocortisone sprays.

Those work as well.

You can use medicated shampoos tohelp increase the oils in the skin and soothe the itching and the burning, so that we'relooking to do here is just kind of soothe the animal, the bite will heal on its ownin most cases.

You can also introduce lipoderm or other fish oils into the animal's diet,either through a fluid you put on the food or through pills you can give the animal.

Those can help as well by increasing the oils in the skin and the coat, and of course ifthe flea bite gets too bad and does become like an open sore or does end up being somethinglike flea dermatitis, which is when the animal has a particularly bad reaction to the fleabite, you do need to seek out a veterinarian, veterinarian care, they can prescribe certainsteroids and antihistamine blocks, things like that, to help soothe the animal and stopthe flea bite from getting any worse.

What is the best remedy for flea bites? Appearing as red raised bumps, bites are usuallyseen on the legs, feet, ankles and sometimes the arms or elbow area.

Fleas are most commonly seen on pets but sometimes,they decide to nibble on humans.

What's the best remedy for flea bites? Let'sexamine some remedies.

Protein in the saliva of the flea is whatmakes a person itch.

Many are very allergic to the saliva and it can also cause some infectiousdiseases.

To begin, wash the affected area and applysome anti pruritic ointment to the bite.

If you're having an allergic reaction, youmight also need to take some anti-histamines to help counteract the reaction.

It's important to avoid scratching the areabecause germs underneath of the finger nails may cause more bacterial infection in thearea.

You can also use an antibiotic cream or ointmenton the affected area.

It's also important to treat your pets ifyou're having flea bites.

Make sure to give them a flea treatment and wash all of theirbedding.

If a flea bite becomes infected see your doctorimmediately.

Calamine lotion is also helpful to soothe and heal the irritated skin areawhere you have flea bites.

A soothing bath in baking soda will also helpto reduce part of the itching as well.

Simply add some baking soda to your warm bathand soak in it for about 20 minutes.

You can also make a poultice and apply it directlyto the affected area.

Lavender and cedar oil are ideal to use ina carrier oil to help reduce fleas on pets and thus help to keep them off of you.

Apple cider vinegar can help deter the crittersas well.

The best remedy for flea bites is to prevent them from the start.

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